#ComeOnIn !

StayBillety is an affordable, internet-based, community accommodation service, bringing together like-minded guests and hosts.

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StayBillety is an accommodation service connecting like-minded Guests and Hosts.   The StayBillety 'Stable' is made up of people interested in sharing space with people who share their interests.  Simply put, it's about 'tribes'... and membership is free!

Shared Interests.  Shared Roof.

Along with traditional location search, StayBillety features unique functionality linking guests with groups, events and activities.  Members indicate their affiliations with school, groups, organizations and events in their property and personal profiles.

Guests are also able to post accommodation requests.

StayBillety membership is free. StayBillety charges a service fee to Guests when they book accommodation using the site.  Hosts are charged a small service fee from each booking as well.  

StayBillety has Affiliates.  They're groups, organization and events who benefit through each affiliate-tagged transaction ('stay') completed through StayBillety.

StayBillety engages local Hosts and visiting Guests. What a great way to build community!

Reviews help both Hosts and Guests. Both provide reviews of their experiences to the StayBillety community following a stay.

The StayBillety community will select national charities to benefit from the StayBillety Charity Fund.  The money in the Fund comes from a portion of transactions not directly associated with registered affiliate events and groups.