With its private back yard overlooking a small pasture beside the stables, this three-bedroom/two bathroom unit has an intimate feel all its own. It has been completely renovated with cherry hardwood floors in the entry, living room, dining room and front bedroom. The second bedroom, large bunkroom and second bathroom have a Tex-Mex feel with impressed concrete flooring and hand crafted furniture made from our own wood. Both dining and kitchen have cathedral ceilings.


Amenities Hide

  1. No 05_AC.png Air Conditioning
  2. No airportPickupGrey.png Airport Pickup
  3. No 22_essentials_grey.png Bedding Essentials
  4. No 06_BreakfastInc_2.png Breakfast Included
  5. No 10_Cable_grey.png Cable/Satellite TV
  6. Yes SB weed light grey.png Cannabis Friendly
  7. No 24_co2 ditector_grey.png Carbon Monoxide Detector
  8. Yes 18_cat_grey.png Cat on Site
  9. No coffee.png Coffee & Tea Provided
  10. Yes 19_dog_grey.png Dog on Site
  11. No 32_doorman_grey.png Doorman
  12. No 07_Dryer.png Dryer Available
  13. No 38_elderly_grey.png Elderly Friendly
  14. No 35_Elevator_grey.png Elevator in Building
  15. No 15_buzzer_grey.png Entrance Buzzer
  16. No 31_family_grey.png Family/Kid Friendly
  17. Yes 25_fireex_grey.png Fire Extinguisher
  18. No 01_Gym_5.png Gym
  19. No 02_Hairdryer.png Hairdryer Available
  20. No 16_wheelchair_grey.png Handicap Accessible
  21. Yes 34_Heating_grey.png Heating
  22. Yes 12_fireplace_grey.png Indoor Fireplace
  23. No 13_iron_grey.png Iron Available
  24. Yes 29_kitchen_grey.png Kitchen Access
  25. Yes 26_LGBTQ_grey.png LGBTQ2 Friendly
  26. No 14_guidesheet_grey.png Local Guide Sheet
  27. Yes 03_Lockableroom_grey.png Lockable Room
  28. No 28_publictrans_grey.png Near Public Transport
  29. Yes 09_NoSmoking.png No Smoking
  30. Yes 39_parking_grey.png Parking Included
  31. Yes 20_pets_grey.png Pets Permitted
  32. No 21_pool_grey.png Pool
  33. No 23_smoke ditector_grey.png Smoke Detector
  34. No 30_toiltetrees_grey.png Toiletries
  35. No 11_Towel_grey.png Towels Provided
  36. No 27_TV_grey.png TV
  37. No 08_Washer.png Washer Available
  38. No 17_wifi_grey.png Wireless Internet

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  2. [Image: Ottawa Tulip Festival]
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  3. [Image: 2021 Sprint National Championships]
    2021 Sprint National Championships Affiliate Code: RCC

Additional Features

Room Type
Entire home/Apt
Bed Type
Real bed
Bed rooms
Bath rooms
Pets allowed

Rate Details

Per night
Per week
Per month
Extra people
$1.00 Per night after 1 Guest
Minimum Stay
3 Nights
Maximum Stay
No Maximum


Cancellation Policy
Min nights
Max nights
No Maximum
Max Guests

House Rules

GUESTS - Unless otherwise advised, the Ranch House provides accommodation for a maximum of 14 people, the Bunk House for a maximum of 12 people, the Guest House for a maximum of 8 people, and the Cottage and Cabin for a maximum of 4 people each. Additional visitors must be registered with the P&B R&R Management to use the premises and you may be charged extra for overnight visitors exceeding the maximums noted above. BEACH VOLLEYBALL - We have recently installed a professional quality beach volleyball court overlooking Pine Lake. The court should be treated like a sand trap in golf…upon leaving the sand, rakes are provided to level out the playing surface for the enjoyment of the next players. Your co-operation in maintaining the court is greatly appreciated. BEACH AND LAKE - A small sandy beach with gentle water access suitable for young children is located on Pine Lake at the bottom of the road that leads to the Cottage. It is for the general use of all P&B R&R guests of any of the units while respecting the privacy of any guests that may be occupying the Cottage. With the exception of cars belonging to the Cottage guests, no vehicles are permitted down the road to Pine Lake. One or more canoes, a rowboat and other watercraft may be stored by the beach and are for the general use of all P&B R&R guests. Life vest and paddles are also provided. Please return all equipment to its proper location at the end of each use. Please swim and boat at your own risk. CAMP FIRES - A campfire pit is located close to the lake and may be used by any of our guests for small bon fires only. Your unit may also be provided with a small fire pit. Firewood can be purchased on site. Please do not peel bark from trees to start your fire. All fires should be thoroughly extinguished before turning down in the evening. GARBAGE - Garbage collection is every Tuesday from the brown wooden garbage box located just outside the front gate. We now have recycling in our municipality so all recyclables can be put in the designated blue containers located by the entrance to the property. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE GARBAGE IN THE BLUE BINS!!! RECYCLING ONLY!!! Before departure please ensure that no garbage is left at your unit. PETS - Unfortunately, we have had problems with pets in the past so outside of exceptional circumstances, we do not permit pets in our units. Appropriate deductions from your damage deposit will be made for failure to adhere to this policy. As part of the ambiance on the Ranch we do have some barn cats and our black Lab mascot, all of whom are quite friendly. We would ask that you not allow any pets into any unit even if they try to get in. SECURITY - The Front Gate and all other gates on the Ranch must be kept closed at all times for the security of the horses and the guests. SECURITY/DAMAGE DEPOSIT - Security/damage deposits are required to rent the units as follows:Week-long rentals: Ranch House – $500; Bunk House and Guest House – $300; Cottage and Cabin- $250. Damage deposits will be returned within three weeks of your rental provided our cleaning staff have completed an inventory and satisfied themselves as to the condition of the premises. Lessor amounts are required for weekend visits. SMOKING - No Smoking – All of our units are smoke free. We do not permit smoking within the accommodation and all guests are requested to only light up outside and to place all cigarette butts in the garbage or ash trays provided at each unit. Appropriate deductions from your damage deposit will be made for failure to adhere to this policy. WEEKLY RENTALS - We generally rent by the week from Saturday to Saturday; however, in the off seasons we provide weekend accommodation or a minimum 3-day mid-week accommodation. Our weekly rates are posted elsewhere on this web site. Taxes and damage deposits are extra. We operate on a first-to-pay-first-to-book basis with the booking fee being half the total fee. Cancellations result in fee forfeiture unless mutually satisfactory alternate arrangements can be made. We generally provide a credit against a future visit if sufficient notice has enabled us to rebook the cancelled period.